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Heyuan Baolan Plastic Limited Company Compostable gloves

Heyuan Baolan plastic products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of disposable plastic gloves, committed to providing food grade catering gloves for the catering industry. Baolan was founded in 2016. We have been working in the disposable gloves industry for many years. Its independent packaged food grade disposable gloves are well received by major domestic catering companies. There are many large-scale food companies including McDonald's, Zhou Hei duck, and DEX.At present, the company has 100 employees, an investment scale of about 20 million yuan and an annual output value of about 50 million yuan. The company has an independent technical development team, committed to improving the production efficiency of disposable gloves. At present, the production efficiency of the independent packaging glove production line independently developed by our company is 90% of the industry's leading peers, and the business volume has been increasing every year during the three years since the company opened. Our company is currently in the stage of high-speed growth. At present, due to the limited production capacity, products are only limited to domestic sales. We plan to fully improve production capacity and strive to sell products to the world!Baolan thoroughly implements the national industrial transfer policy, reduces the dependence of products on labor force through technological innovation, and improves the added value of products through product innovation. We adhere to the customer-oriented, product strength oriented, reject opportunism, steadfast, long-term investment, accumulation and development.
Heyuan Baolan Plastic Limited Company